Managed Security Service (MSS)

CyCops India allows businesses to focus on their primary goals while enjoying the benefits of world-class security expertise.

What is this service?

CyCops India Bunker (Managed security services) is a systematic approach to managing an organization's security needs. CyCops India’s managed services solutions is an easy way for clients to upgrade their internal security services to best-of-breed solutions and experienced professional services without having to maintain or acquire the talent in-house.

Why is this services required?

Managed Security ServiceWith IT managers and administrators working harder than ever to accomplish more with fewer resources, no one has the time to comb through gigs and gigs of daily log file data looking for possible security vulnerabilities… until it’s too late.

With limited resources, your company still needs to keep focused on the information regarding security updates, notifications, information on patches and white papers to keep your systems updated and secure. Picture having important information about your security and operational systems provided to you in a clear and concise format.

  • Islands-of-Defence

Ensuring security requires more than installing a set of devices and point solutions. CyCops India solutions are managed and monitored by our experienced personnel to ensure fidelity to industry best practices.

  • Abridge Security Management

BUNKER reduces the amount of time your team spends addressing deliberate security issues, liberating resources to focus on strategic initiatives that align with business goals. By enhancing your level of control over your security infrastructure, we enable you to meet industry or client regulatory and compliance requirements and reduce the frequency and impact of momentous security incidents.

  • Organize Cost Savings

Control our managed services delivery model to achieve cost savings while raising your overall security level. We support the widest range of industry-leading devices to maximize the value of your existing assets and investments. 

Pre-requisites from the customer

  • Describe customer’s process and mechanisms for handling client inquiries and reported problems.
  • Describe customer service responsiveness, hours of staff availability, and available communication mechanisms (e.g., written, verbal, electronic, face-to-face).
  • Describe how you measure and report client satisfaction, including frequency.
  • Describe how satisfaction deficiencies are addressed and resolved (in your service level agreement or elsewhere).
  • Describe secure communications mechanisms (e.g. secure voice, fax, encrypted email, pager) to use when communication should be private.

Customer Benefits

The results from engaging CyCops Inda for BUNKER services have the potential to be far superior to anything an organization can achieve on its own. Below are the factors that can contribute to reducing the risks faced by the client through a combination of risk mitigation and risk/liability sharing between the client and CyCops India.

  • Cost:

The cost of a managed security service is typically less than hiring in-house, full-time security experts.

  • Staffing:

A shortage of qualified information security personnel puts tremendous pressure on IT departments to recruit, train, compensate, and retain critical staff. The cost of in-house network security specialists can be prohibitive.

  • Prosecution:

CyCops India is well connected to law enforcement agencies and understands what forensic analysis and evidence are required to successfully support legal proceedings.

  • Facilities:

CyCops India MSS enhance security simply because of the facilities we offer. We deploy special security operations centers (SOC) at place to do this. CyCops India’s SOC is a physically hardened centre with state-of-the-art infrastructure managed by trained personnel.


Upon the completion of the project client will receive the following:

  • Executive Summary Risk Matrix
  • Detailed Technical Findings with Remediation Steps
  • Managed Security services
    • Managed Firewall/VPN
    • Managed IDS/IPS
    • Managed Unified Threat Management (UTM’s)
    • Vulnerability Management Services
    • Incidence Response service
  • Strategic Next-Step Recommendations

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