Security Incidence Response (SIR)

For organizations that need specialist investigation of a security infringes or helps in developing and executing their incident response and disaster recovery plans.


Computer Forensics InvestigationThreats to businesses can take many forms: unauthorized access, data theft and malware outbreaks are just the tip of the iceberg. Many organizations, when faced with an attack, are ill-prepared to respond to the security incident. CyCops India’s SIRT, a team specializing in forensics investigations and security testing, has developed a program to prepare and help protect organizations from such incidents.

SIRT is ideally situated to assist organizations in their pursuit of threat prevention; in the past two years, SIRT has investigated more than 50 cases involving security compromised organizations which were not adequately protected. With the help and advice from SIRT, these organizations ultimately institute appropriate policies and procedures to help protect them against future attacks, such as those resulting in data loss.The Incident Readiness Service are SIRT proactive approach to help prevent security compromises and protect the integrity of your organization.

Islands of Defence

The Incident Readiness Service combines SIRT’s data knowledge and field experience in preventing security incidents and dealing with the aftermath of attacks. With this service, clients will receive training, documentation development and review, simulated attack exercises, and on-demand and on-call services. The Incident Readiness Service is designed to help build “Islands of Defence” into an organization’s infrastructure by employing multiple protection services and mechanisms to secure your critical assets.

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